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Various decorative items, dolls, party goods, figurines, nautical articles and more

In our Decoration section, you can find f.e.:

Nautical gifts, like a brass mirror, wooden historic pirate ship with black sails, witch dolls, skeleton dolls, spiders and bats. A bat is made from soft foam and a spider is about 40 to 50 cm. Each spider leg can be bend like you want.
Small figurines like gnomes, witches, pirates, wizards, skeletons, fairies.
Halloween, princess and pirate theme party decorations like a pirate flag line, balloones, witch cauldron, thunderlight, spooky shadows and more.

Witch, pirate or wizzard figurines can vary from about 10cm to about 30cm.

Gone is gone.


    Some pictures can reflect the colours of the articles not quite correctly in comparison of the real article, also depending on the view on everyone's screen.


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