Size converter







Size converters for clothing and hats, Worldwide sales.


 * Half sizes like L/XL, XL/XXL or XXL/XXXL are only to order when also mentioned, in the article description.
    So, available sizes are always mentioned in the descriptions!!

 * The most important measurement for our articles in our shop, is the breast size.
    Here you can read how to measure your chest:
 -  Measure below the armpits around your chest, with breathe in and with your arms hanging down.
    If you measure for instance between 107 centimeters and 112 centimeters > (42,1 inch to 44,1inch),
    then your size is: L (Gents)





 * How to determine your hat size:
    Measure the circumference of your head, over the knuckle on the back of your head and over the eyebrows.
    The circumference is the hat size.

21 & 1/4     54    6 & 3/4   6 & 5/8