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Historical replica, decorative pistols, rifles some with bayonet and dagger pistols, made from real wood and iron or cast iron

Historical replica firearms, for pirates, musketeers, soldiers, re-enactment, fantasy fairs or decoration, like 18th and 19th century Italian, English, French, Belgian and German percussion and flintlock pistols, Kentucky rifle, English musket, Enfield rifle, Napoleonic rifle, some with bayonet and dagger pistol. Black powder pistols for duelling in re-enactment scenes.

We have fine Denix pistols and rifles from the 19th and 18th Century, made from real wood, iron or cast iron, with working mechanism.
Percussion pistols can be used with toy percussion caps (ammorces). However the pistols and rifles are build for decoration purposes. We cover no damage, caused by use of (toy) percussion caps or other use.

Notice: Some items presented here may be restricted or prohibited in certain areas and/or countries. Please check with your local law enforcement authorities and customs agents. Pirates Cave will not be responsible for any items seized or confiscated.

For packages above 1 meter (39,37 Inch) in length, we have to adjust the shipping costs for some Countries afterwards.
You will receive message about this by e-mail, if this is the case for your country you live in.
(Do not worry for too high shipping costs and that you are stuck on it. You can always cancel your order).



    Pirates Cave can not be held responsible for any damages or injuries caused by use of weapons bought at Pirates Cave. Use of arms is entirely at your own risk.

    Some pictures can reflect the colours of the articles not quite correctly in comparison of the real article, also depending on the view on everyone's screen.


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